Monday, January 25, 2010

旺旺 the "lost" JRT has returned HOME~

Dear Pals,

We are very happy & excited to inform you all that WangWang has finally gone HOME & had been reunited with his family!!

Definately a great news!! Mommy & Aunty Cat took time to go down SPCA yesterday, hoping to catch a glimpse of Wang Wang & to find out whether his owners had claimed him back (since the staff did not want to reveal over the phone).

They went into the kennels & did not see Wang Wang though they saw there was another pair of JRT's there as well. They spoke to the friendly lady over the shelter counter & checked about Wang Wang, finally was informed that he had just been claimed home! Yippeeeeeeeeee~ We are so glad this is truly a lost & found case, not an abandonment! =))

Mommy said she would very disappointed though, if she had seen WangWang still being kept in the kennel (which would probable lead to him being abandoned) Though she's really happy for WangWang to be finally reunited, but we can sense a little bit of dismay coming out from her coz she's been missing 旺旺 & had been looking forward to see him yesterday. BOL! Even our Grampys (grandmama) & grandpapa) was happy he had went HOME finally. Mom's friends have been informed too & Facebook updated!

Nevertheless, we are all happy for Wang Wang & cross our paws that he don't wander lost again~ Be good, our dear friend!("v")

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost & Found "Jack Russell Terrier"

Last Saturday 16.01.10, we found a JRT @ the carpark. It looked lost & was wandering around the small patch of grass behind the parked cars. Tried to search for any anxious owners - none. He had only his harness on him, no collar/tag - so we guessed it was owned but somehow lost. We brought him back home fearing the nearby stray cats may attack him or risk him being getting knocked down by reversing cars.

Checked him for any visible injuries & then bathed him clean. Kept him in the cage & gave him some water & treats. Then, i posted the notices over the pet forums & informed my friends to circulate the notice via Facebook as well.

Next morning, brought him to walk around the estate hoping to find some posters pasted by the owners or eg. - again, nothing! I reported to SPCA too but there were no reports of any lost JRT. We kept him for another day hoping the owners would come & claim him soon while also waiting for SPCA's call for any report of "lost dog". Still nothing. We are unable to foster him longer as Emma has grown quite territorial & was growling whenever we let the JRT out to wander the house. Twice, Emma almost snapped the dog when he went too near or had tried to enter into our room. We were unable to sleep too due to the fact that the JRT cannot stop whining & turning in circles the whole night! I hasn't slept for 2 nights since he was here. Was afraid too that the noises would cause the neighbours to complain.

We've tried several means - posted notices on forums/circulate notice to friends, walked the dog around the estate looking for anxious owners/posters, printed my own posters & pasted around the blocks too. Even tried contacting volunteers but no shelters have space for him. So after much discussion with my friends & advice from the SPCA staff, i decided to bring him down to SPCA on Monday night, 18.01.10~

Here's more photos taken when he was @ my place~

My sis named him "旺旺" aka Wang Wang
Luckily enough, i always have spare cage/playpens/bowls/accesories at home
Ah Wang is soooo greedy! He would want moreeee food even if he had just finished a big bowl of cooked rice w/ beef!
Enjoying his treat
Sending him off to SPCA~ I really had no other choice.. =(
Am definately going to miss this boy, he's such a good-tempered JRT!



"旺旺" has been sent to the SPCA which we have deduced it to be the best idea for him now while awaiting to reunite with his family.

Tried several means on my end but ended up with no news at all. The staff did the mircrochip scanning but detected none on him & thus, we can only wait for the owners to make a report @ SPCA. Meanwhile they promised to advertise on the papers too.

I had come to an agreement with the staff on the 'animal handling form';- shld the owners not come to claim the dog w/i 10-14 days, SPCA will decide whether he's qualified for adoption - if he's not, they should inform me so i can rehome the JRT. (IMO, if this is a true abandon case - adoption chances should be very high since the dog has such wonderful temperament & is hdb-approved)

Nevertheless, let's just hope this is a truly lost & found case - may Wang Wang be able to return home soon & be reunited with his family!

Updates updates...~

Goshhhhhhhhhh! So terribly sorrrrrrrry! I had almost forgotten about this blog ever since i started being active in Facebook! *blush* But i must admit, uploading photos there is really so much easier & convenient! Hehee^^

Nevertheless, here's some updates on the duos~


3 weeks back, Ebi was done with diahorrea. Soon as he started, Emma got it as well~ Brought them to the Vet on 02 Jan & brought some stool sample along for testing. Vet diagnosis as "bacteria infection" due to the fact that the duos was also on BARF. Luckily, no worms were found in stools - nothing was detected, they are perfectly fine. Was only given some anti-biotics & a bottle of syrup which will stop the diahorrea. Good enough, the diahorrea stopped just after i administer the medications to them twice. Oh i also brought 4 deworming tablets from the clinic coz it's been very long since i last de-wormed the dogs.

Oh oh, as of Jan - their weight stays good @ 7.45kg (Ebi) & 6.80kg (Emma)! =)


Vet advised me to stop BARF for the dogs temporary until their body recovers fully. Thus, i had their diet changed to Rice+Fish+Pumpkin for 1 week before i slowly introuced back Dr.B's patties to them again~


Very nice tags i ordered online~ Prices are almost 1/2 of what Mu-EE is selling!
The engraving @ the back of my necklace (picture of 3 of us) kekeke^^


Last weekend, i brought them to PetMovers dog-run for some exercise. It has been a long while since the dogs had visited the park/run due to the busy holidays & the wet weather in Dec. Weather last sunday was good, there weren't too many dogs in the dog-run & the 'nasty smell' wasn't as strong as before & field looks clean enough.

Nice weather!
Ebi met his 1st fur friend, a black standard poodle
Despite Emma screaming away, this standard poodle was persisten enough to keep wanting to play chase with her, muahahaa~
A very cute westie puppy~ He would run all over the field & tease all the bigger dogs to play chase with him. Very hyper & cute little boy.
Ebi, shagged on the way home
Emma, shagged on the way home

Ebi & Emma was so excited upon reaching, they were screaming & whining aloud into my ears as i was parking the car. Once i off-leashed them in the dog-run, they ran & ran like they hasn't done so for many months (in fact, their last outing was just 2 weeks ago to the beach)!! They sniffed the other dogs & made friends quickly, then started the chasing & play-biting game. Despite being really tired from doing the household chores all morning/noon, it was really nice to bring them out, see them having fun & enjoying themself so much - i just felt happy. An hour later, both of them was so shagged we decided to leave for home as the weather was turning gloomy too. Reaching home 15-20mins later, it was bathing time for the duos. Bathed & scrubbed them clean, toweled & blowed them dry then finally, brush & dematted their fur. By evening when i was done & had my own bath, i was dead tired..!

Meanwhile, Pals - please bear with me. I will try to update whenever i can~ =pp